mark dormer
Mark Dormer
T: 416.762.8241


Mark was raised in Toronto in a family of builders, where he was instilled with a sense of hard work and results driven planning. In University, Mark studied Statistics, Economics and Accounting, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from the University of Toronto in 1986.

Mark then managed the finance and administration of two mid-sized litigation law firms for a period of over 14 years.This was a transitional time for law firm management, as technology and industry regulation was rapidly evolving. He successfully rolled out systems and policies that leveraged new tools and equated to a new standard in efficiencies.

Mark joined Cosgrove in 2002, where he integrated his proficient hands on skills in the finance and administration of law firms with the firm's proven profitability model. Both of the previous firms Mark worked with retained him when he joined Cosgrove. One of those firms continues to be a client today. Upon Wayne Cosgrove's retirement in 2008, Mark naturally transitioned to Owner and President of the firm.

At Cosgrove, Mark combines statistical skills with a grassroots knowledge of law firm management and culture to improve profitability for our clients, often exceeding expectations. He is also regularly retained to provide ongoing financial and administrative management services. Mark has a positive, optimistic attitude and sense of humour that sincerely encourages lawyers and staff to improve their practice and work environment. Mark has presented to various Law Foundations and Lawyer groups on Law Firm Profitability. He is also a Certified Independent Consultant for PCLaw® and Time Matters®.


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