Our Services

Our processes are tried and true. They are based on a deep and broad understanding of the distinct challenges and economics of every area of legal practice. We also have our ears to the ground and are continually updating in the face of change in legal client expectations and professional requirements, as well as new developments in relevant technology. You do not have to stop at your profitability plateau. We can work with you to strengthen legal practice management so that your firm can reach its potential and move beyond your expectations.

Profitability Improvement

We use a simple and effective four-step approach to analyze and improve your law firm’s profitability

Interim Office Management

Our primary focus is to enable lawyers to improve profitability.

PC Law®

Cosgrove integrates our profitability improvement philosophy.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

  • Firm retreats
  • Practice area plans
  • Personal plans
  • Succession planning
  • Mergers and expansions

Compensation Systems

  • Profit sharing
  • Associate compensation
  • Capitalization and draw systems

Trusted and Certified

At Cosgrove, we combine statistical skills with a grassroots knowledge of law firm management and culture to improve profitability for our clients. Our president, Mark Dormer is a Certified Independent Consultant (CIC) in PCLaw® and Time Matters® by LexisNexis, Canada’s leading provider of information and services solutions to professionals in law firms, corporations, government and academic institutions.