Since 1986 we have assisted over 55 law firms throughout Ontario, including a number in the U.S.  We have earned an impressive collection of rewarding testimonials.  These are but a few:

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“Mark and his team immediately brought about a cultural shift in our office towards increased performance, accountability and efficiency. The relatively simple steps and process advocated and implemented by Mark and his team brought about a change in the way our staff worked and raised morale. With increased productivity and accountability, came a renewed pride in the work product and improved feedback to our staff.”
Toronto, ON.

“We have had Cosgrove Associates on an ongoing retainer to assist with a number of aspects of our practice, including financial management, associate training and the evaluation and choice of software for law-firm management. The longstanding nature of our relationship with Mark and the company is a testament of the high quality of their work and the stellar results they have achieved.”
Toronto, ON.

“As a result of the plan and ongoing assistance, significant gains were realized by improving time capture, reducing work in progress, and managing accounts receivable. We benefited from regular attendance to help establish and monitor productivity goals. Mark worked with our accounting department to develop useful and concise management reports.”
Winnipeg, MB

“Mark is excellent at positively reinforcing strategies to procure results. He attacks the firm at all angles, zeroing in on weak areas and teaches us to strengthen any weaknesses. Our billings have consistently multiplied and our collections have flourished since Mark has been retained by our firm.” Hamilton, ON. “They are highly professional, understand how law firms work and deliver on their end of the bargain exactly as promised.”
Toronto, ON.

“Mark Dormer as team leader of Cosgrove Associates, and his associate, Catherine Moffitt, have been of great assistance in assisting partners, associates and support staff in attending to those matters which makes our business operation successful and through this process there has been imbued a new focus on the part of both the partners and our associates as to the business side of the practice.”
Etobicoke, ON.

“Speaking as a partner in a small firm, Cosgrove provides accounting and management interaction with lawyers and staff that simply can’t and won’t happen otherwise. It’s worth your time, worth the money, and the overall improvements to the organization, efficiency and planning of your firm’s business progress can’t help but carry over to the professional side.”
Mississauga, ON.

“The difference lies in their knowledge of the principles necessary to effectively manage a growing law practice and their ability to effectively direct management of the firm.”
Burlington, ON.

“He has been instrumental in keeping us focused on the fundamentals of our practice by implementing an efficient process of docketing, billing and collecting, which has enabled an increased cash flow.”… I have also relied upon Mark for his intrinsic knowledge of PC Law and law firm management to assist in the development of various financial and administrative procedures which has helped us streamline our accounting systems.”
Toronto, ON.

“In short, Wayne and his firm have been one of the best practice management tools that I have ever been provided with. In one year alone, my collected revenue increased by 50% in the second six months versus the first six months. I would highly recommend Wayne Cosgrove and Cosgrove Associates to any lawyer of a law firm that wishes to increase their productivity and profitability.”
Brampton, ON.

“Some rather remarkable things happened: the profitability of the firm increased dramatically during the first twelve months of Cosgrove’s retainer and structural changes within the firm, primarily in the accounting area, were implemented with the minimum disruption to our practices, and with the maximum support and co-operation from both staff and lawyers.”
Toronto, ON.

“I’ve been working with Cosgrove Associates for a number or years now and have been very pleased with the results. In the first year, my billings doubled. Catherine has been of great assistance to me in prompting me to get on with marketing efforts … I’ve been extremely pleased by her efforts which have greatly assisted in my professional development.”
Hamilton, ON.

“Mark’s intimate knowledge of the PC Law program has really been a godsend. He’s been able to clean up a lot of useless data so that the reports are easy to read and meaningful. As well, he has been able to give my staff help and training on the PC Law program.”
Hamilton, ON.

“Wayne Cosgrove has worked miracles in regard to our organization, our approach, our personal and firm goals and our attitude towards our practice.”
Thunder Bay, ON.

“Significant early gains were realized by reducing work in progress and improving docketing. We have benefited from their regular attendance here to help establish and monitor productivity gains.”
St.Catharines, ON.

“I heard of Wayne Cosgrove when a lawyer told me how pleased he was with Wayne’s services. The lawyer said that his firm had never been so profitable… I must say I have never been happier about a referral.”
Barrie, ON.

“His patience and creativity were instrumental in both development and implementation of our strategic plan as it evolved from an all lawyers’ planning session in the fall of 1986. Wayne also provided direct assistance in helping us negotiate a successful merger which culminated in the establishment of our current firm.”
Toronto, ON.

“Your assistance and guidance in this project was immeasurable. I was most impressed with your work ethic and dedication to the achievement of our law firm’s goals in increasing profitability.”
Buffalo, NY.

“I am a 4th year associate lawyer… As a result of Mark’s guidance, I have been able to “capture” more of my working day on my docket sheet. The result has been a significant increase in my billable hours, while my time spent at the office has remained constant.”
Toronto, ON.

“I was at a very formative stage in my career and personal life. Even though that was several years ago, I found myself using Wayne’s techniques and applying his philosophies on a daily basis, both in my business and in my personal life.”
Markham, ON.