Has your law firm hits its profitability plateau?

Most law firms enjoy relatively unstructured growth until they hit an inevitable profitability plateau. At this stage in a firm’s life cycle, billings begin to even out while expenses continue to rise. You work long hours but wonder if you are meeting your financial objectives for yourself and your firm.

At Cosgrove, we have been successfully addressing this very challenge for 25 years, with our proprietary value-focused profitability plan. We have a flawless track record of improving profitability for law firms, often beyond expectations. We strengthen your firm with the management systems that will help you to track and improve docketing, billing, collections, client retention and referrals.

Our processes are tried and true. They are based on a deep and broad understanding of the distinct challenges and economics of every area of legal practice. We also have our ears to the ground and are continually updating in the face of change in legal client expectations and professional requirements, as well as new developments in relevant technology.

You do not have to stop at your profitability plateau. We can work with you to strengthen legal practice management so that your firm can reach its potential and move beyond your expectations.

Is your law firm becoming unmanageable?

Our profitability work isn’t just about keeping our heads down and powering through reports. It’s deeply integrated into the management and grassroots culture of our law firm clients. So, as a natural extension of this primary focus, we also offer interim office management services.

From recruiting for talent to updating policy manuals and overseeing collections, managing the day-to-day financial and administrative requirements of a law firm can get quite involved. If overlooked, resulting issues can become distracting or even have urgent consequence. To get things back on track, we offer two streams of assistance: special projects and part-time involvement over the long term.

Our team is law-firm savvy allowing us to provide a broad spectrum of services in all areas of law firm office management including:

  • Human Resources

  • Law Office Administration

  • Facilities Management

  • Marketing Coordination

  • Financial Management